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Reedemption is an innovative consulting group that will assist you in the improvement of your current practices. Our consulting strategies will enhance your benchmark measures and foster a great customer experience. We like to critically think outside of the box for best practices for your organization. We do not take a cookie cutter approach to refining your business practices…that is what sets Reedemption apart of other consulting companies.

Do you feel frustrated because you are not meeting productivity or quality standards?

Do you want more revenue in reserve or grants to fund improvements and innovation practices?

Are your team members dis-engaged, un-motivated, and chronically complaining?

Do you find that there are not enough hours in the day, resulting in overwhelmed staff?

Why Reedemption?​​

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, Reedemption is for you! Our goal at Reedemption is to provide organizations with meaningful and measurable results from inception to production. Improved customer satisfaction, cost reductions, and enhance staff performance.

How does this work?

We will achieve this by conducting background research, identifying improvement opportunities, and evaluate strengths within your organization. We will then assess and review the processes and decide with the organization what needs to be improved. Reedemption will prioritize and address concerns while customizing solutions designed just for you!

Key Focal Points:

Mitigate Workflow Processes

Streamline workflows based on industry best-practices. Reedemption identifies workflows through observation and interacting with team members to offer resolutions to cumbersome problems that will eliminate barriers and challenges and improve the overall organizational performance.

​Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction and referrals are what drives and grows business. Yet some companies don’t have a tool or process to gain feedback or monitor and follow up on customer concerns. Reedemption will offer tools to increase customer satisfaction.

Internal Collaborative Communication

All team members working together with the same goal for customer satisfaction helps teams to communicate effectively and organizations to thrive. However, collaborative communication is an area of improvement within most teams. Every department and team member is unique and all require training to learn to work better together. Reedemption will offer courses (virtual and in-person) to develop effective communication within your teams.

Specialized Services

  • Evaluation and Execution of customer experience surveys with feedback from your customer base

  • Work-flow analyses, assessments, and time studies to ensure effective time usage

  • Productivity would be monitored and measured

  • Collaboration with staff to understand work flows

  • Alliance with leader and senior leader team to understand expectations

  • Coaching, training, and education for team members

  • Extensive evaluation of current practices

  • Offer recommendations including statical measurements, standardization, strategy, and implementation. We will see you through from implementation to production.


Cherice Robinson,MBA

Thanks for visiting my page and your interest in my consulting business! Please be assured that I have over 10 years of experience in management with a demonstrated history of 24+ years working with award-winning hospitals and health care centers. My speciality areas are operations, customer service, management, strategic planning, budget forecasting, and business process improvement with extensive experience in coaching and training. I achieved my Master of Business Administration with a focus in Leadership and my Bachelors of Administration with a focus in Management from Cleary University. I have excelled at leading teams and leaders in the areas of accountability and implementing standards and best practices to improve productivity, quality of services, patient and internal customer satisfaction and key performance metrics. My work ethic and enthusiasm is based in achieving goals, promoting growth, effectively leading teams and improving overall operations performance. I would be grateful for the opportunity to partner with you and your organization to improve your operations, boost staff morale, and increase customer satisfaction!

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